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Friday, March 6, 2009


Well, have you set a specific goal yet? Have you made a New Years Resolution?

The goal would be to manage anger, right? So then the next step is to choose a specific plan. Will you find an anger management expert? You could always go to the book store and get the most recent best seller anger management book. Another option would be to see a Therapist or your Doctor and get prescription medication that will mellow you out some. Some other options would be hypnotherapy or subliminal cd's. Maybe you can google "managing anger," in order to do more research.

Anger and irritability is a very stressful habit and in order to manage you must choose a plan. Things to consider, to add to your plan, would be goals to manage your stress, learn to relax, feel more gratitude, feel more love, or just release worry.

Some really good goals you may consider are to exercise more, eat right, get healthier, sleep better, improve your relationships, or get another job or career.

Any of these suggestions will help the process.

Maybe you would like a bigger goal. When I think of big goals I think of creating your dream life. When we create our dream life I like to say we are making our own miracles. The reason I call them miracles is because when we think about our dream life we always wish and think, “some day.” But if you dream and then evolve your thoughts, feelings, and actions, towards creating and then living your dream life it is a miracle.

The reason it is a miracle is because when we just dream, we don’t believe it is possible, and when it comes true, it is a miracle. A miracle because we didn’t believe it would ever happen and it is happening.

If you plan a bigger dream it will assist in keeping your mind towards happiness and joy. In other words, it will give you something else to focus on, make you feel better about yourself because you are moving forward in life, and it will occupy your time.

This is my hope for you. My hope is that you will dream, dream big, make it specific, and then I will help you evolve your thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you may create your miracle. Evolve your thoughts into believing that it is possible, evolve your feelings into faith in yourself, and then evolve your actions to move towards your miracle while increasing your speed out of enthusiasm.

I know the power you have within you. I know because I have seen it over and over, time and time again. I have seen extremely stressed out people manage their anger, become destressed, and create their own miracles.

Now, dream big, make it specific, and let us embark on a journey of making miracles. You can do it! Right now! Write it down and make it specific. This is going to be awesome!

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Let us begin the process of Destress Yourself.

What does it mean to Destress Yourself? It means to discover stressful habits and turn them into successful practices. One thing we didn't learn in school, when we were growing up, is what stressful habits are and how to manage them.

What are stressful habits? They are habitual thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry. These habitual thoughts, that have been created as we get older, create feelings of doubt, fear, and worry. When we have habitual thoughts and feelings like this we tend to limit our actions in life. This causes stress.

For example, if you have the thought that you cannot control your anger because you have tried and nothing has worked, then you may feel hopeless and therefore, end your journey of trying to decrease your anger.

Another example is, if I tell you to dream about the life you would love to live and you have thoughts of doubt that you will not be able to obtain this life then you may feel discouraged and therefore, not take actions to set and obtain these goals.

Destressing Yourself is evolving your thoughts, feelings, and actions to create confidence, faith, and hope, which will decrease your stress and increase your happiness because you are moving forward in life.

So what is Your Miracle? It is a dream life you believe you will never obtain and then obtaining and living it.

You want a Miracle? Then dream big about a life that you would love to live. Don't worry about believing it yet because that is what we will do as we destress. We will create faith in ourselves and others by eliminating doubt.

Think of your Miracle, your dream life. Dream it and dream big. Write it down and get ready to move towards it.

Anger management is a funny phrase to me. I don't know why it just is. The phrase I would choose is, "anger elimination." Don't get me wrong, I believe that it is okay to get angry but it is not okay to go off on someone.

Therefore, if we use, "anger elimination," instead of anger management, we are removing the anger that we show externally rather than managing it.

What I am saying is, it is okay to get angry but, when we recognize it internally, in our thoughts, that is the best place to eliminate it. If that sounds silly to you, let me know, give me a comment.

The thing about it is, that is what I do, well, sometimes. I don't know why but total strangers, no matter what they do, don't get me angry. People I know, from work or social places, don't get me angry. But the one and only people that can get me angry are my loved ones.

Maybe, I expect more from them.

Writing this blog is an opportunity for me to look at my anger and it's elimination. Join me in eliminating our anger together.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Take responsibility for your thoughts about anger, recognizing that it is not okay to go off on anyone.

2. Change your mind by knowing and having faith that you can eliminate your anger.

3. Learn deep relaxation and/or meditation skills and techniques, so that you may decrease your anger at anytime and anywhere.

4. Seek professional help if you are violent or you are not getting better at anger elimination.

5. Speak to your Private Medical Physician to make sure everything is okay medically.

6. Know that you are the only thinker of your thoughts therefore, you can find total control of your thoughts which in turn creates your feelings.

7. Create your own thoughts (grateful, positive, and good ones), so that you create your feelings, and have fun and be playful. If you do not know how, then learn.


If you have any questions or comments, please use the comment function on the blog, and I will comment in return:)

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Don't forget to have fun and be playful, it is in your nature.


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